Friday, July 20, 2007

Mad Men: A review

I just finished watching the first episode of Mad Men, AMC's new series about the 1960s advertising industry. Since I live in Europe, I had to download it, which means I missed out and the factoids strewn into commercial breaks :-(

Overall I was fairly happy with the show. It was entertaining enough for me to look forward to the next episode. Of course I wasn't even born in the 1960s, much less working on Madison Avenue, so I can't form any judgment about the accuracy of the show.

I do however have a few things to criticize: Sometimes it felt like the creators were forcibly pushing stereotypical culture into the scenes. Especially the excessive, constant alcohol consumption did not seem natural at all. I felt the same way about the sexist attitudes the Mad Men foster. I am fully aware that this was part of the time's culture, but in the show it constantly seemed to be put on display, as if to remind the viewer every scene, what the times were like.

Since this was the pilot, it should be interesting to see, how the characters and plot lines develop over time. I for one, know that I'll be following the show closely.

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