Friday, August 10, 2007

Your Prayers Have Been Answered

Tonight the German football (soccer) league (Bundesliga) finally rings in the new season 07/08. To celebrate this, I decided to do a post about a commercial that has been airing on German TV and has sparked a bit of controversy. The pay-TV channel Premiere is allowed to broadcast all games live again (last year this privilege was reserved for competitor “arena”). The voice-over of the ad announces “your prayers have been answered” and goes on to inform the viewer that Premiere will be showing all the games and all the goals.

Now, some people have proclaimed this ad blasphemous and in poor taste. I think it is simply brilliant. First of all, it communicates the incredible wealth of emotions that people hold for the sport. Also, since it was aired during the summer break, people were craving this feeling and couldn't wait for the return of the Bundesliga.

Of course the obligatory, blatant spokesperson scene at the end just ruins the whole thing for me...

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