Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Chore Wars

I share an apartment with 5 other guys. We all have our rooms, but have to share kitchen and bathrooms. As you can imagine, the biggest problem here is to figure out a system of cleaning these commonly used spaces and getting people to stick with it. Well, now there is a solution. I just stumbled upon an online game that makes doing chores fun.

Chore Wars is basically a role playing game, with illustrations slightly reminiscent of World of Warcraft, except that instead of a gigantic war hammer, the dwarf carries around a mop. You create your own character and invite your roomies to join your community. But instead of doing mindless tasks to improve your character, experience points are earned by embarking on quests, such as bringing out the trash or vacuuming the stairs. Even though none of us are into fantasy or video games, coupled with some kind of reward system and the competitive drive to outdo each other, i see a sparkling future for my bath and kitchen.

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